Improving the Human-bike Interaction


Understanding the needs of any athlete requires an understanding of exercise physiology, biomechanics and an individual’s physical condition. At AHP our foundations in both Sports Science and Healthcare form the basis of the bike fitting services we deliver and ensure that every fit is individualised your needs. 

The biomechanical demands of cycling are heavily linked to exercise intensity. At AHP we use our knowledge of exercise physiology to better understand the demands that come from the type of cycling you do. We use our knowledge in the areas of orthopaedic assessment to understand your physical needs and predisposition to injury. Armed with this knowledge, the biomechanical analysis we perform and the conditions we collect this data in, reflect your specific needs as a cyclist.  


Technologically Driven

Attention to detail is only as good as the ability to accurately capture movement. We use research-quality motion analysis equipment (STT Systems™) in order to carry out a detailed kinematic analysis of your cycling position. Our custom-built hardware and software package allows us to focus in on areas of particular interest, providing data vital to understanding pedaling technique and postural stress on the spine. 

Epidemiological studies have reported that approximately 60% of cyclists will experience back pain and approximately 30% of cyclists will experience knee pain associated with cycling. Having the ability to accurately analyse movement and the knowledge of the mechanical impact that ergonomic equipment selection has allows us to make informed decisions toward improving health, comfort and sustainability. 


  • Pre fit joint angle data (kinematic analysis)
  • Post fit joint angle data (kinematic analysis)
  • Confirmation of position compliance (UCI) 
  • Bike measurements 


$399 complete bike fit
$449 time trial fit 

Fit replication, fit follow-up and partial fit services are also available. Contact us for a quote specific to your bike fit needs.  


Service details

Bike fitting sessions are approx. 3.5 – 4 hours in duration.