Aero Optimised

Aero testing is the ultimate end-stage position optimisation service for athletes devoted to improving time trial performance. In these disciplines, performance comes down to Watts per coefficient of drag (CdA) and the ability to consistently maintain an aerodynamic position. We recognise the importance of aerodynamics in performance cycling and offer aero testing services using Alphamantis Technologies Track Aero System.  

Why is time trial performance heavily linked to aerodynamic properties and position optimisation? At relevant race speeds, more than 90% of resistance to forward motion is in the form of aerodynamic drag. Air flow over the cyclist accounts for 70% of this drag force, while 30% is attributed to air flow over the bike. Reducing the system CdA is vital and the body on the bike is the largest contributing factor to this. 



The Alphamantis Technologies Track Aero System provides us with the ability to test aerodynamic efficiency in the field. This system enables us to conclusively determine the optimal combination of equipment and position variables for you and your bike, with a direct impact on one of the key indicators of time trial performance. 


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This field-based biomechanical analysis method allows us to measure one of the key determinants in time trial performance. Refinements to position and equipment choice result in improved aerodynamic efficiency quantifiable in real time using the Track Aero System (TAS). 

The TAS collects a live data stream from the bike and, in combination with the input of environmental parameters of the velodrome, calculates the system CdA. This allows us to measure aerodynamic efficiency of equipment and positional variables in real-world performance conditions. 



The Alphamantis Technologies Track Aero System is the tool of choice for quantifying the real-world outcome of position and equipment optimisation. It allows us to conclusively determine the fastest combination for you and your bike.

Position Optimisation

When optimising an athletes position, we are influencing air flow over the main contributing factor in resistance to forward motion – the human body. Positional changes have a large influence on aerodynamic efficiency and yield the greatest potential to improve time trial performance. 

Track aero testing is used to validate front end configurations (pad drop and stance) and the use of aerodynamic techniques (shoulder, head and hand positions). Position optimisation typically results in equivalent power gains of 5-25 Watts, time savings of 15-60 seconds over a 40 km race distance.  



Positional changes and aero techniques you employ yield the greatest potential to increase aerodynamic efficiency and improve time trial performance. Track aero testing is the ultimate biomechanical analysis method to refine your time trial position.


Equipement Optimisation

Helmet and garment choice are vital considerations in cycling performance, influencing air flow over the athlete. Like changes to position, these impact on the largest component in the drag equation (the human body) and have similar potential to improve performance.   

Track aero testing for equipment variables covers the testing of helmet and garment options (skinsuits, shoe covers and socks). While the margin of improvement may be smaller than that of positional changes, the gains are no less important and can be immediately applied.



The optimisation of equipment sees gains that can be immediately recognised, without a timeframe for adaptation and without a physiological cost to your performance. When you’re looking for system-wide improvements, track aero testing informs the investment in equipment.

Service Details

Testing sessions are performed at Darebin International Sports Complex (DISC), Thornbury and can be arranged as an individual or group booking. Service is subject to track availability. Track aero testing sessions are approximately 3 hours in duration, with 2.5 hours of dedicated testing time. Extended sessions are available upon request. 

We work to a pre-determined testing schedule, according to your goals for the session. Depending on the time taken to change equipment, a single session is sufficient to comprehensively test up to 5 variables. Results are provided in report format with CdA values, equivalent power and time loss/gain calculations.


$479 per athlete (individual session)