Adaptive Human Performance

The professional field of Sports Science Consulting is a diverse in covering the analysis, interpretation and optimisation of sports performance. Adaptive HP is a local Melbourne business devoted to the application of Sports Science to the cycling community. 

Adaptive HP services the cycling community through applying our knowledge of biomechanics and exercise physiology. Our facility provides us the opportunity to offer uncompromised lab-based services and our partnerships offer the opportunity for cutting edge field-based aerodynamic testing.



“AHP’s core philosophy is simple - Sustainable performance for immediate and long term gains.”




As cyclists, we spend considerable time each week on the bike. For some this is a profession and a means to enhance training status, while for others it’s a means of social engagement and a form of transport. The human-bike interaction is an inherent component of what we do and we need to be comfortable and capable of performance. At AHP we use both lab and field based motion analysis equipment alongside our knowledge of biomechanics, to optimise equipment setup, enhance comfort and performance prospects.

Physiological Testing

In any sporting context, the ability to enhance athletic performance lies in understanding the physiology and using this knowledge to maximise the specificity and productivity of training. As cyclists, this knowledge lies in understanding the power that we can produce during certain tests, or over certain durations. At AHP our physiological testing services are designed to provide detail of one’s physiological attributes and to allow each athlete to take advantage of the most powerful training tool in cycling - the power meter. 





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