Bike Fit


Improving the Human-bike Interaction.

At Adaptive HP we use our knowledge of biomechanics and exercise physiology to understand the physical demands of modern-day cycling. This foundation of knowledge is applied alongside our clinical understanding of physical assessment to better understand the needs of the athletes we work with. Our bike fitting service marries the requirement for being comfortable with the demands of performance, to provide sustainability in the sport we all love.





Powered by Alphamantis.

When riding at even a moderate speed, 90% of the resistance to forward motion comes from aerodynamic drag. Up to 69% of that resistance is due to the air flow over the cyclist and the remaining is airflow over the bike and associated components. Equipment choice matters, but even more important is an athlete’s position on the bike. 



Physiological Testing


Harness Your Potential.

Accessibility of power meters has never been higher within the consumer market, but what does the data mean? Physiological testing is about extracting information unique to an individual and making this data meaningful within the context of their cycling discipline. Physiological testing is about understanding your potential to perform and tracking changes over time.