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The lab based testing methods used by AHP come from experience working with elite and sub-elite athletes in achieving their performance goals. The testing methods are validated by scientific literature and have been chosen as effective tools to quantify physiological characteristics relevant to competitive cycling.

Lab based testing provides the relevant information for athletes and coaches to make informed decisions on goals set in both training and competition. These tests do not replace the common field tests used by cyclists (5 min power, 20 min power), rather lab based testing provides the context for meaningful interpretation of data collected in the field. 

At AHP there are two common testing procedures we administer to assist both athletes and coaches in understanding an individual’s physiological characteristics. Each test has a specific place and purpose in guiding training, talent identification and quantifying changes in physiological capacity over time. 

Our testing protocols are performed on a research-quality CYCLUS2 ergometer, allowing for accurate measurement of power output on an athletes own bike. This power data is used to quantify physiological traits according to scientifically validated procedures.  



Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) Test

The Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) test quantifies power output at VO2max, an individual’s aerobic ceiling. MAP is the reference work rate for quantifying exercise intensity in the field and knowing this value is imperative in truly understanding performance.

Just like an individual’s threshold changes over time, an individual’s VO2max changes in response to appropriate training stimulus. This test is administered routinely according to changes in training status to quantify longitudinal changes in an athlete’s power output at VO2max.


  • Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) and estimated VO2max 
  • Blood lactate threshold measurement and interpretation
  • Power meter accuracy 
  • Training zones (heart rate and power)
  • Standardized warm up protocol 
  • Power / duration targets


AIS Power Profiling Test 

The AIS Power Profiling test is commonly used when working with athletes competing in events with dynamic requirements, a reliance on both anaerobic and aerobic qualities. It measures power output over durations with a known physiological significance, generating a power profile chart that identifies an athlete’s strengths.

The AIS Power Profiling test identifies both the anaerobic and aerobic qualities that are unique to an individual. In an elite sporting context where performance targets are known, it is used in talent identification processes. In addition, the AIS Power Profiling test is used to track performance with changes in athlete training status. 


  • Power profile
  • Blood lactate measurement and interpretation
  • Comparison to predicted aerobic power / duration targets
  • Comparison to normative power profile data
  • Comparison to historical power profile data

Service Details

Physiological testing sessions are approx. 1.5 hours in duration

Do our testing services not meet your requirements? Feel free to drop us a line via the Contact Us tab to discuss your needs and how we can assist. We frequently perform additional or modified procedures to assist athletes and coaches with their specific needs.


$199 MAP test
$199 AIS Power Profiling test