Why Wedge?

Graphics by: @gregorythorne

Graphics by: @gregorythorne

The elbow pad wedge is designed to increase support for the elbow and forearm when the high-hands time trial position is used. The wedge solution provides 15 degrees of tilt for the elbow pad cup, matching the angle of the forearm when 100 mm of height gain (from elbow pad to the extremity of the extension) is fully utilised.

For anyone aiming to achieve a high-quality time trial position, stability of the torso and the ability to relax into position are an absolute must. These positional qualities are the foundation for being able to execute the aero techniques (shoulder shrug and head tuck) that are vital to maximising aerodynamically efficiency.

Supporting the high-hands time trial position, improving comfort and position consistency. Our elbow pad wedges allow athletes to maximise gains in aerodynamic efficiency.

Graphics by: @gregorythorne

Graphics by: @gregorythorne

The design of the wedge solution draws on our experience gained from both lab and field-based position optimisation services. Kinematic analysis of optimised time trial positions has shown a consistent forearm inclination angle of 15 degrees, when the hands are placed in the high position. Validated in the velodrome using the Alphamantis Technologies Track Aero System, the high-hands position has been shown to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Be it for comfort or performance outcomes, the high-hands position is favoured by most triathlon and time trial athletes aiming to optimise their position. The wedge solution improves the position consistency through maximising pad contact with the elbow and forearm, making it easier for athletes to achieve aero gains and be comfortable at the same time.

Versatility was a core element of the wedge design. Suited to the most popular makes of time trial handlebar and some of the best aftermarket elbow cups available, our wedge solution integrates both elements.

Product Specifications

Tilt angle - 15 degrees
Bolt spacing (cup-wedge) - 25 mm
Bolt spacing (wedge-bar) - Variable via rear slotted mount, 25-30 mm for cross compatibility

Material – CNC machined aluminum
Finish - Black anodised
Hardware – M5 stainless steel (button head and countersunk)

Pad compatibility - 25 mm
Bar compatibility – Factor (Slick), Giant (Trinity 2010-current), 3T (Vola), Cervelo (P5), Specialized (Shiv TT)

Please note; The Adaptive HP elbow pad wedges are designed to work with the standard 25 mm bolt spacing. Giant elbow pads are NOT compatible with the Adaptive HP wedge solution.