Servicing the needs of the cycling community has always been our goal. We appreciate the role that cycling clubs, retail stores and custom frame builders play in upholding the culture and diversity of the cycling community. 





Rapha Cycling Club, Melbourne


The Rapha brand was founded from a passion for road cycling. The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) is an extension of this, offering members a range of opportunities and cycling experiences, within a community of likeminded people. 

Adaptive HP extends an offer to RCC Melbourne, offering members a reduced rate service fee on position optimisation services. The $50 discount offer is available to RCC members only and covers the provision of complete bike fit services.



This offer is available until the 27th of October (2017)



Retail Partners


Retail Partners

A change of bike is the perfect time to ensure that your cycling position is suited to your needs. At Adaptive HP, we work with a number of prominent retailers, making sure their customers positional requirements are well known when investing in new equipment.

These retail partners are renowned for meticulous mechanical work and attention to detail. Store staff are knowledgeable of the measurement data Adaptive HP provides as part of position optimisation services and are capable of interpreting this information to your needs.  




Going Custom


Going Custom

A custom fabricated frame offers the unique advantage of having both geometry and ride characteristics tailored to your needs. At Adaptive HP, we work with a number of renowned frame manufacturers, collectively planning how to best create a masterpiece unique to your cycling goals. 

Our lab-based 3D biomechanical analysis processes are used to establish your fit and bike measurement data. Your fit requirements are communicated with the frame builder to ensure the desirable outcomes are achieved, with frame geometry and component selection reflecting your needs.




Professional Organisations


Exercise and Sports Science Australia



Myotherapy Association Australia