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Aero is not defined by appearances - Aerodynamic characteristics are defined by coefficient of drag (CdA), measured in a wind tunnel or in the field using the Alphamantis Technologies Track Aero System. The feasibility of the Track Aero System means that this is the first choice when it comes to improving performance through aerodynamic gains. 

Optimizing the human-bike interaction - The Track Aero System allows us to measure the net result of refinements in equipment setup and athlete positioning. The perfect accompaniment to lab based motion analysis, aero testing is the ultimate final step in refining your position. 

Aero optimised should not mean a cost to comfort. The careful selection of ergonomically designed components and assessment processes that allow us to understand your physical condition mean that comfort and sustainability are key factors in defining a position that is right for you. 

The Track Aero System offers a distinct advantage in that it provides immediate insight into the sustainability of a position. Riding the velodrome exposes the athlete to the real world demands of exercise intensity, comfort in position and control over the bike.


  • CdA results for each test run 
  • Baseline to final CdA results 
  • Spend, time and power conversions associated changes
  • Priority for making further gains


$399 per athlete (paired session)
$499 per athlete (individual session) 



Testing sessions are approx. 2.5 hours in duration, with 2 hours of dedicated track time. We work to a pre-determined and agreed testing schedule according to your goals from the session. 

AHP is Alphamantis Technologies only Melbourne based testing partner. Testing sessions are performed at Darebin International Sports Complex (DISC) and can be arranged as an individual or group booking.